lunedì 9 agosto 2010

Josefina Cisternas (Venice)

New impostor...this time is Josefina Cisternas (but before she was Venice Miller) her fb account.

She changed her nickname few hours ago...with a simple research on google you can find that she is a fake.

She says she is 18 (contact information, and she told me on chat), and the real Jose is 17 (1993. The real one is from Chile, not from Miami and is not half Venezuelan and half Canedian.
She put on her information the logo
®Verified Account
✔ Facebook Certified
But, it's not can copy and paste it in your information when you want, even if Fb hasn't verified your account.

If you wanna join the real Josefina Cisternas fan page, just go in her fun page or in one group dedicated to this model

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