domenica 18 aprile 2010

Cornelia Ritland

I met her on facebook as Cornelia Chicia (if I remember well)...she is a fake.
L'ho conosciuta come Cornelia Chicia (se mi ricordo bene) su facebook...lei è un fake.

Here the real girl
Qui la vera ragazza

Skyes Tracke (Australian Model)

3 commenti:

  1. Cornelia Ritland is an impostor. The model that she pretends to be is actually MADISYN Ritland. Madisyn does not have time to post such ridiculous posts using poor grammar. I believe the true identity of this Cornelia to be Brenda Sosa.

  2. there's another person on fb called Philippa Waldegg who steals pictures from this girl Skye Tracke... i will leave the link so you can check it

    and she's cornelia's friend